Interesting Links (26 Sep -2 Oct 2021)

Hi all! This is the inaugural edition of Interesting Links where I share some of the articles that I read in the preceding week that I find interesting. Some are new and some are not. I hope you enjoy them.


History’s Seductive Beliefs
The biggest takeaway from history is that the characters change but their behaviors don’t. The technologies, trends, tragedies and winners – the events that take place – are always in flux and can be nearly impossible to predict. But the behaviors that drive people into action, influence their thoug…
On learning from history
A hamster has been trading cryptocurrencies in a cage rigged to automatically buy and sell tokens since June - and it’s currently outperforming the S&P 500
The top cyptocurrencies currently held by the hamster include Tron, Ripple’s XRP, cardano’s ada, and ether.
On predicting the future
Becoming a magician
When I was a teenager I often used fantasy as a vehicle for escapism. Some people, when they fantasise, think about sex or dragons or wildly unlikely events like winning the lottery. I fantasised a…
On getting better (old article but personal favorite)


Asking the wrong questions — Benedict Evans
With fundamental technology change, we don’t so much get our predictions wrong as make predictions about the wrong things.
On predicting the future of tech
DeFi platform bug sends crypto worth $90 mn to users by mistake; CEO begs return
Supporters say DeFi is more egalitarian in cutting out traditional firms by using code, but critics note that erroneous code has led to disasters for users
Smart Contracts being smart

Indian Politics

India’s political paradox: The enduring popularity of Narendra Modi — 9DASHLINE
Written by Srijan Shukla. Modi is not only changing the nature of the polity but is also ensuring that he remains central to that change. This is significant because all Hindu-revisionist cultural networks consider Modi and his presence in the central government integral to the success of their agen
On Indian politics


China Is a Declining Power—and That’s the Problem
The United States needs to prepare for a major war, not because its rival is rising but because of the opposite.
On China

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